November 6th, 2010

Interesting words

"If we count the stars at the rate of 1500 a minute -- 25 a second -- it will take 700 years to count them all. Our earth is a tiny appendage to one, and a rather inconspicuous one, of this vast multitude of stars. It can be compared to a microscopic speck of dust, and this speck is the one whose inhabitants thought, until about 300 years ago, that it was the center of the universe, and that all the other stars circled around it -- had in fact been created for no other purpose than to circle around it, and shed light on it now and then in the absence of the sun and moon."
Sir James Jeans

134 - Backwards go backwards oh time in your track

I have the three chiming pendulum clocks stopped at 10:10, and I will let them sit until an hour passes and I can call it 10:10 for the second time. No, I won't wait until 2:00 to make the change. The thing about pendulum clocks is that if they are chiming clocks, you must not move the hands backwards, only forwards. If you do move them background they will go against the ratchets that set them ringing, and you will have a damaged clock with a nice big repair bill. A pendulum clock that does not chime may be moved ahead or behind. Moving chiming clocks forward is just fine, if you wait for each chime cycle to do its thing.

The Salt Mine volleyball team won the district championship tonight by beating the unbeaten champion of the other league. That is some fine achievement, and I have been nervous all day for the girls. I am really pleased they were able to do it.