November 14th, 2010

Interesting words

"I had thought of love as a rapture which seized one so that all the world seemed springlike, I had looked forward to an ecstatic happiness; but this was not happiness; it was a hunger of the soul, it was a painful yearning, it was a bitter anguish I had never known before."
W. Somerset Maugham

142 - Snow on 11-13

I have been looking at a beautiful picture of the snow in Minnesota. Eleven inches fallen in a belt from Duluth to Iowa. Very pretty. But it is not quite mid-November. My thoughts are that this snowfall will melt before real Winter begins, that there should be some fall-ish weeks before permanent Winter hits those poor folks. But, you never know. Those Gophers may be shoveling it until April sometime, or May. We hear that this is a La Nina winter, which means more precipitation, and that might mean snow in Seattle, which didn't happen last year. But Minnesota, hmm, that could be snow starting on November 13th and not stopping. I like some Winter, but this is too much, don't you think?