November 15th, 2010

Interesting words

"The philosophies, the civilizations, the religions which seem, at a distance, so superior to those current at home, all prove on a close inspection to be in their own way just as hopelessly imperfect. That knowledge, which only travel can give, is worth all the trouble, all the discomfort and expense of a circumnavigation."
Aldous Huxley

143 - grandpa moments

I am going to pick up my grandson from kindergarten this afternoon. Nothing special about that, but it makes me remember what I remember about my grandfathers at the age of five. I remember Grandpa John in the grocery store, wearing his white apron and standing behind the candy counter, drumming his fingers on the glass while I picked out my candy. I remember Grandpa Ernie taking me to the roundhouse in Altoona and putting me up in a huge engine that was waiting to be rotated, an incomparable thrill for a boy. I do think that the most trivial of visual memories come to define a child's possession of his grandfathers. It could easily be that K***n will have a visual of me waiting outside the school to take him home in my car. Could be. And that might be all he will have.