November 16th, 2010

Interesting words

"I am sometimes afraid of finding that there is a moral for everything; that the whole great frame of the universe has a key, like a box; has been contrived and set going by a well-meaning but humdrum creator. It would be a kind of hell, surely, a world in which everything could at once be explained, shown to be obvious and useful. I am sated with lesson and allegory; weary of monitory ants, industrious bees, and preaching animals. The benefits of civilization cloy me. I have seen enough shining of the didactic sun. So gazing up on hot summer nights at the stars, I cool my thoughts with a vision of the giddy, infinite, meaningless waste of creation, the blazing suns, the planets and frozen moons, all crashing blindly forever across the void of space."
Logan Pearsall Smith

144 - Winter sports

I have always been a totally devoted fan of SMHS sports. Most especially, until the first home game this winter, I have been the only varsity boys basketball announcer. I came on board in 1981, in the second year of the school, when they first had a varsity team. I casually agreed to handle the mike for that year, then found that I was doing it for good. I had become a fixture. I was, as they said, "The Voice of the Crusaders." For twenty-nine years the upcoming athletes said that they dreamed of my announcing them. It meant they had joined the seemingly endless tradition of SM basketball.

Well, I am done with it now. Some other voice has to pick up that position. Moreover, it is very unlikely that I will see more than an occasional away game. I don't want to return to the campus. The athletic department has been really good to me, but not so the new school administration, which seems not to value my thirty years of work for the school. C'est la vie, as they say, and we learn something new all the time.

I do have basketball thoughts running through my head, though.