November 22nd, 2010

Interesting words

"Of all the arts I suppose writing is the one which develops the lowest attributes, in that its very pursuit magnifies all the human failings. It encourages introversion, insomnia, irritability and all forms of self-indulgence. It encourages a sensitiveness which makes one open to any sort of slight. It begets a type of personal inflation, for it is nearly impossible to continue without the consciousness of definite gift of genius."
John P. Marquand

150 - White

Yes, Green Lake is pretty. The snow has covered the roofs, the trees and bushes, the grass and the sidewalks. Everybody on facebook is exhilarated. The universal response to the first snow is going on. My grandson came running up to me a minute ago to show me his long johns. "I am wearing underwear under my underwear!" He is in the process of getting ready to go outside in the snow, and at age five that is a process indeed. Especially as it is 28 degrees and the fun and the cold are going to be in conflict. The maple tree across the street, which was green in summer and bright red in fall and brown and leaveless yesterday is now etched in white on every branch. White resting on the top of each twig and branch. And under the white the line of brown below the snow. Very pretty.

Dream, not blogworthy

I had a nearly coherent dream this morning. I was taking a group of JSA kids to a convention that happened to be in Corvallis. In the beginning of the dream I was trying to round up the group. We were at the new campus, and when I would get one kid to be ready to leave, he would escape as I went to get the others. Pretty frustrating. Eventually we got together and headed south. We eventually got to Corvallis (where JSA has never held a convention). We had missed a morning opening session and dispersed. The rest of the dream was largely uninteresting but a series of JSA encounters. We were going to take a train back to Seattle. Actually, this dream is not blogworthy, though it seemed more interesting when I was lying in bed.

Observation: the usual frustration dream for me. Also Corvallis is the campus of Oregon State, and it is in southern Oregon, so my stress to leave would be magnified. You can't take a car of teenagers to Corvallis from Sammamish in one morning drive.