November 26th, 2010

Interesting words

"Schopenhauer opened the eyes of psychologists to the subtle depth and omnipresent force of instinct. Intellectualism, the conception of man as above all a thinking animal, consciously adapting means to rationally chosen ends, fell sick with Rousseau, took to its bed with Kant, and died with Schopenhauer. After two centuries of introspective analysis philosophy found behind thought, desire; and behind the intellect, instinct; just as after a century of materialism, physics finds, behind matter, energy."
Will Durant

154 - no forgetting

Just to make the point, I do not believe that a person who abuses children or animals should ever be brought into the limelight of honor and respect. I don't care if you are the greatest quarterback in history. It is disturbing that sports writers are trying to argue that a debt has been paid, now bring the malefactor back into polite society. NO, no thanks. Let him play the game; let him do his thing, but do NOT say that he deserves respect, and don't talk about him in the paper in ways that make it seem he is now a model citizen. No. He brutalized defenseless animals. I don't want him killed. I am glad he got caught and paid his debt. Now he should be shunned, forgotten. Let him earn his living, but no no honor or respect. Some acts are beyond the pale. Brutalizing children and animals are among those acts.