December 12th, 2010

Interesting words

"We are imitative beings; we respond to the tone and color of our environment almost against ourselves, and still have our links with the chameleon and the moth; the sunset sheds its radiant peace upon us and we are content; the silent mountain-top lays a finger on our lips and we talk in whispers; the clouds lend us of their gaiety and we rejoice."
James Stephens

169 - Sump Pump

The sump pump kicked in last night during the heaviest of the storm. They have that Canadian Clipper dropping over two feet of snow on the Cities, enough to make the Metrodome collapse, and we have the Pineapple Express dropping huge quantities of water. We were glad to hear that the sump pump knew enough to pump the water away from the house. I am not a fan of the name sump pump, though. It sounds like something very unpleasant that might be done to a patient in a hospital. Names do make a difference, don't they? If they called that machine the Diamond Aqua Diverter, it would be much more pleasant, even ritzier in connotation than the good old Sump Pump. We have learned to avoid the unpleasant word so often. No one in his right mind would eat pig brain, but head cheese? Well. And what is that fancy name for squid? Canaloni, or something like that. Some fancy Italian name. Ugh.