December 26th, 2010

Interesting words

"Psychology has split and shattered the idea of a person, and has shown that there is something incalculable in each of us, which may at any moment rise to the surface and destroy our balance. We don't know what we're like. We can't know what other people are like. How then can we put any trust in personal relationships? In theory we can't, but in practice we do. For the purpose of living one has to assume that the personality is solid, and the self is an entity, and, since to ignore evidence is one of the characteristics of faith, ignore all contrary evidence."
E. M. Forster

183 - Prick

In this new world of mine I have to prick my finger several times a day. I do not like this. The doohickey that should do the pinprick can't seem to get enough blood. I have wasted probably twenty-five of the tabs. So the consulting nurse said just to take the needle and prick my own finger by hand. I am learning to do that. Then I get to see a reading on the monitor. I do not like that either. It is way too high. I am started on a medicine that should help, but it will take a few days.

I am wondering if retirement has opened up the time in life for such new and unpleasant things?