December 27th, 2010

Interesting words

"The mind of man moves strangely and capriciously. Our lives are not really like a straight or curved line, but like a series of more and more complex relations between events, past, present, and future. When something happened to us in the past, that experience was complicated by former experiences, and when we return to it in memory, it is complicated again by our present situation and all that happened in between."
Richard Aldington

184 - Retirement?

Today was one of those days where business gets too busy and a person is practically run off the road. There was a time when I was simultaneously writing a series of recommendations for a friend (doing the picky electronic recommendations)and at the same time on the phone being put on hold with the representative of my pension company and listening to their choice of music for 45 minutes. Also the man who was installing our new basement door was right there and I had to sort of see what was going on. Also I was at the bank website and paying the bills that had to be paid at the first of the month. Also I was supervising myself in educating myself more about blood draws, and talking to the nurse from my doctor's office. (In the midst of it all I dropped one of the blood tabs into a waste basket, at a cost of about a dollar a tab, and couldn't find it again for love or money. I felt pulled between competing forces in a way that has not happened for a long time, not even at the Salt Mine.

It all ended up okay, though, and I am now sitting outside of the B gates at Sea-Tac, waiting for my son to fly in from Austin via San Jose. All that snow tying up the country, but it seems not to have done much to the West Coast, praise God for small mercies.