January 26th, 2011

Interesting words

"In the evening of thought, when presumptuous life, its productive vigor exhausted, can but scatter to the winds its last and failing desires, comes the time when man stops in terror before the supreme question, less stupefied and shocked by the life which he has improvised for himself from day to day than overwhelmed by the imminent ruin into which the personality which so infatuates him is to fall."
George Clemenceau

215 - Conversation

I am thinking about last night's thread on my facebook page. I made a post State of the Union comment on how I wished that politicians would quit the technology stuff and support the humanities for a change. The comment generated a long (about 60) series of serious and interesting postings. Actually, it was the best thread I have ever participated in on facebook.

What was interesting to me, though, was that the people who participated were all part of my Salt Mine experience, and they were from every possible source. They included graduates from the early '80's all the way to students who are still at SMHS. They include about half a dozen teachers (mostly former teachers but not all). They include some parents. Even the admired and loved security guard at the campus participated. These are people who don't know each other except by way of their common SM connection and me.

Anyway, it was invigorating to experience and empowering, too, to think such a thing could evolve over an hour or so. I am really proud of my "friends."