February 9th, 2011

Interesting words

"A man feels a slight emotion when, even without being fully aware of what he is doing, he says something, not because it is true but because he enjoys saying it, and listens to his own voice uttering the words as though they came from someone else."
Marcel Proust

229 - cookie

I just had a fortune cookie. It said "Time heals all wounds. Keep your chin up." Everyone else get those cheerful platitudes, but I get the semi-negative ones. Always like that. Remember when I got the one that said "Nobody is interested in your problems but yourself"? I just opened another one: "A cheerful message is on its way to you." See? That cookie doesn't give me a cheerful message; it just says that a cheerful message is on the way. It also implies that I need cheering up.

I want a tall, dark, rich stranger to sweep me off my feet and take me away.