April 11th, 2011

Interesting words

"The day when the academic distinction between literature and science disappears will mark a great step forward. When shall we come to comprehend that in order to talk of man and the world it is necessary to study them?"
Georges Clemenceau

330 - lunch

I met a friend for lunch today down at Cutter's Bay House next to Pike Place. We had a table with a great view of the Olympic Mountains and of the ferries passing to and fro to dock, Beautiful sunny day. The restaurant has a neat 3 for $15 lunch menu, so I had a Caesar Salad, a really tasty steak and a Chocolate dessert that was twice as tasty and as big as I could handle. We had a good long talk, too. The big negative of eating there was the $14 charge to park in the connected parking ramp (that price including the restaurant "discount" of a whole dollar). I have to admit that the parking rate is high enough to discourage me from eating there more than at the rarest frequency. I start to understand that the powers that be really are discouraging patrons from going downtown. Well, they discouraged me, anyway. The food was excellent, though. Oddly, the waitress, who was very nice, got almost every part of our meal wrong. I had the sense throughout that she wasn't really paying attention to this particular table. The experience was good, though, and I really enjoy seeing him and getting put up to date.