May 28th, 2011

Interesting words

"I have witnessed the shifting scenes of life. I cannot say that I have studied them with the eyes of a philosopher; but rather with the sauntering gaze with which humble lovers of the picturesque stroll from the window of one print-shop to another; caught sometimes by the delineations of beauty, sometimes by the distortions of caricature, and sometimes by the loveliness of landscape."
Washington Irving

378 - VD goof

Virginia made a mistake!! This is to inform you that in Virginia Dearborn's transcription of the Washington Irving passage used in today's Interesting Words, she made a mistake! Some time back in the 1940's she typed "witnesses" where the word had to be "witnessed." I repaired her error. Let's call it a gift for Memorial Day. You wouldn't believe how rare this kind of typo is in the typing of VD.