July 17th, 2011

Interesting words

"Whatever effort we scholars may make to preserve dead things from passing away, we are laboring painfully in vain. Whatever has live becomes the necessary food of new existences."
Anatole France

389 - deer disdain

All the years I have been coming to the cabin I have seen many beautiful deer here and there, as I did the other night in the neighbor's garden. I have never actually seen any deer on my own property, though. Rich saw a buck this spring in the path to the outhouse. Me? Never.

Until today. I was getting something from the trunk of the car, and when I turned around I saw a movement of brown about thirty feet away, framed between some trees. It was a stunning doe, grazing on the weeds on the ground. She glanced at me, then continued eating. Then, as I was all pastoral and sensitive to beauty, she turned her back to me and squatted down and took a leisurely dump in perfect security.

That put me in my place, for sure.