July 20th, 2011

Interesting words

"When the make-believe pales in comparison with reality, when beauty is everywhere blasted and pleasure counted an impertinence, I ask you to look upon the arts. They speak to what must remain private in all men."
John Mason Brown

392 - Enough already

Heat or storms, take your pick. Last night all this heat brought a huge storm, enough to unnerve me, with the high winds and the trees tossing back and forth. The weather radio was filled with warnings of tornadoes, flash flooding, huge rain totals, etc. I even put my cell in my pocket and a small flashlight, too, just in case I had some need for it. At the height of the storm there was a huge thump on the cabin roof, just above the lakeside bedroom, and I could hear the crack of limbs outside. This morning I found that there was an eight foot branch on the roof, and I couldn't get the car out without dragging some downed limbs out of the way. No real problems, though. Since the two trees came down in the last year or so, I am not as sanguine as I have been all my life about the safety of big storms.

Today is another scorcher, then the temperatures will drop to the eighties, which will seem balmy, so they say.