July 21st, 2011

Interesting words

"When our globe, no longer inhabited, shall, like the moon, roll a wan corpse through space, the soil which bears the ruins will keep the seal of beauty in the midst of universal death; and then at least there will be no frivolous mouth to blaspheme the grandeur of these solitudes."
Anatole France

393 - Church Ladies

Last night I went to the Lutheran church for their summer chicken dinner. Barbecued chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans, lemonade, coffee, pie. It is exactly like all other church dinners, eaten in the church basement all which is like all other church basements. In previous years I would go to St. Boniface's Catholic Church supper (which is scheduled in two weeks), but for personal reasons I decided to go Lutheran this year.

What is funny is that the church dinners are exactly alike. The food is exactly like all church dinners. Moreover, the women who "man" the dinners are a specific breed, regardless of denomination. Lutheran women, Catholic women, they are one and the same where chicken dinners are concerned. They have the same shortish hair, wear the same housewifely aprons. They have an esprit de corps and friendliness. And, I asked, they eat at each other's church dinners.

In small towns, it is at church dinners that the essential familial quality of churches shows its true colors.

By the way, overnight, the heat got pushed out be cool Western/Northern air. Go home, Southern heat, and stay with the people who love you enough to live in your natural part of the country!! Now it is about eighty, sunny, light breeze. A Seattle summer day.


The bug man on the radio said that it is a banner year for bugs, especially lady bugs, which explains why I see them in the evening.