September 7th, 2011

Interesting words

"We have all disfigured our lives in the same way. We have all yielded to the same delusion, to that arrogant, faithless self-reliance which is a near relation of vanity, which I first met disguised as the once exalted 'modern mind', and which made us blind to the secret and the solution of human grief. We sought compensations through each other. In our drawn-out game we all impoverished ourselves in some measure of our greatest possession. We are left with loveless lives, and so we remain until the wheel comes full circle."
Christopher Sykes

441 - grating voices

Listening to the various politicians on the air these days, I have to think about the quality of their voices, as they all want to have us listen to them daily over a span of four years, minimally. Obama's voice has a nice quality to it, slow and considered and of a good timbre, so I can listen to him with no negative reaction. Some of the Republicans are listenable or even nice, Huntsman, Romney in particular. Some are intolerable but mainly because of bias against their accents -- Gingrich, Perry. I can take the quality of Bachman's voice, though what she says makes me cringe. Only one of these voices feels like a chalk screeching on a chalkboard. Palin. She has the absolute worst voice I have ever heard, highly pitched, screechy, aggressive, smart-mouthy. You couldn't create a more offensive female voice if you sat in a committee and planned it. I will not believe that the American people would ever elect such a mouth, regardless of policies (which are horrible, in the extreme).