September 19th, 2011

Interesting words

"If there is but one human being born in every generation who will not cease to inquire into the nature of his fate, even while it strips and bludgeons him, some day we shall read the riddle of the universe. We shall discover what work we have been called to do, and why we cannot do it. We shall find out why we draw the knife across the throat of the black lamb or take its place on the offensive rock, and why we let the grey falcon nest in our bosom, though it buries its beak in our veins. Then, having defeated our own enmity, we shall be able to face the destiny forced on us by nature and war with that."
Rebecca West

454 - Day one

The only thing I will say about jury duty is to comment on how tiring it is. I got there by bus in plenty of time for the eight o'clock start, but most of the morning was one of those hurry up and wait situations. It is interesting how tiring it can be when you are mostly sitting. I think it might be partly that a person sits but is under the direction of someone else who tells you (and others) when you may take a break, when you may for lunch, etc. I don't mind jurying, though, and it was a nice day for walking around the old part of downtown. I ate a nice grilled cheese at the Merchant Cafe, which seems to have reliable food. I remembered an excellent restaurant called the Red, White and Blue from my earlier jury service, but it seems gone with the wind.

Anyway, I go back to the courthouse for another helping tomorrow.