October 11th, 2011

Interesting words

"The folly of allowing ourselves to delay what we know cannot be finally escaped, is one of the general weaknesses, which, in spite of the instruction of moralists, and the remonstrances of reason, prevail to a greater or less degree in every mind; even they who most steadily withstand it, find it, if not the most violent, the most pertinacious of their passions, always renewing its attacks, and though often vanquished, never destroyed."
Samuel Johnson

475 - too hot

Did you ever over-do the sauna? I did today. I sit in the dry sauna almost every day but only for about ten minutes. Today I got going in a conversation about the major league baseball playoffs and let the time slip by. When I realized that I was too hot, I was really enfeebled. You know how you feel light-headed and faint when that happens. The cool shower didn't do its job, and I had to sit while my heat radiated off and my heart pounded. It took a long time before I stopped feeling like I could die from the situation. I didn't feel normal until after collapsing on my bed and sleeping for an hour. I need to avoid this situation; it is too dangerous, or it is a situation that feels too dangerous.