October 19th, 2011

Interesting words

"one of the unforgivable affronts of our times to taste, and to what ought to be the natural order of things, is the number of amateurs-in-life who chatter and clack and poke about over the nation's landscape. Worse yet, these smiling, decent, but quite useless amateurs are, by our current standards, actually allowed to look down upon their betters, the professionals-in-life. Ours is a society where the posturers are often more valued than the performers. we are cursed with hordes of self-appointed critics in every field who simply haven't a clue about what they are criticizing -- whether it be running a political party or putting on a drama. Usually they seem to find attentive listeners roughly in ratio to the degree of pretentious ignorance and insensitivity that they exhibit. Thus is raised a question of that divine justice which orders our world."
William S. White

483 -- 150% a child

My grandson constantly says the most amazing and amusing things. Today out of nowhere he said "If I was 150% a child, then I would stay this way every day for my entire life. People would say, 'He can't work here. He is just a child.'" I was so surprised I didn't even know how to respond. He is constantly thinking of mathematics, and here he was pondering the meaning of percentages. That he connected it to the abstract state of childhood is just mind boggling. I know that he is officially "highly gifted" in both reading and mathematics, but this stuff is totally out of the range, it seems to me. I know that I was a smart little fella, too, but nothing like him, just ordinary school smarts.