October 20th, 2011

Interesting words

"We are, as everyone knows, a very friendly people. Even the Russians concede this. Foreign visitors are overwhelmed with our kindliness and informality, and even Americans returning from abroad feel a wave of warmth rushing out from the continent to greet them. The hearty welcome, the easy smile are among our most endearing traits. But they can be overdone.
The Rheingold Girls smile too much, people in television commercials smile too much, families in magazines smile too much, and government leaders smile too much. The American flag is one large grin. Everybody wants to be liked.
This obsessive need to be liked, rather than respected, has become the soft core of our state and our state of mind; as common to the White House as it is to a Coca-Cola ad. In a society of selling you cannot afford to offend the customers. You must try,therefore, to please all.
Yet it is doubtful whether Washington or Jefferson or Lincoln ever had to prove their humanity in this manner, and it is difficult to visualize their faces split by a chronic grin. Our greatest president had a profoundly sad face: even his smile must have wrenched the beholder's heart."
Marya Mannes

484 -Libya news

Big news all day about the capture then murder of Moamar Khaddafi, some of it viewable on tape. He was a baddy, to be sure, but being dictator for 42 years made him pretty much a fixture of all of our lives. The odd thing about this overthrowing of a dictator is that President Obama pretty much orchestrated it all without the loss of a single US soldier. Now the Republicans are stuttering in attempts to admit he did what they couldn't do, and yet make it clear that they don't want to compliment him. I have to admit that seeing his murder is very upsetting, when I think of it. My repulsion goes against my feeling that if anyone deserved such a degrading death it was this man.

At this very moment it looks as though the Cardinals are blowing a 1-0 game in the top of the 9th. Two Rangers are on, no outs. I don't think I want to watch what is likely to happen.