October 28th, 2011

492 - whew

I certainly enjoyed this world series. For so many years, as a person working, I never had the time to give the fall classic its full attention, so I mostly saw the results as opposed to experiencing the events. Now,being retired, I can actually organize my life for maximum pleasure. That sixth game was amazing, all by itself and tonight the Cardinals won a solid 6-2 victory to take the series over the Rangers. I am always ambivalent when sports is the subject. Philosophically, I think sports is most important in high school, then college. Pro sports seem to me largely played by people who should be doing other things, given their adult statuses. But I still keep an eye on it, especially certain sports and teams. Even so, given choices about where to take my body, I will go to a great high school game first.

It poured rain all day today, by the way, so Seattle fall weather is here.