November 1st, 2011

Interesting words

"Individually, we are necessary only to the tiny nooks and crannies into which life, like a wind carrying seed, has dropped us. We have our roots, of course. Pluck us up, and an empty space is left. But not for long. Without us things do not change. Only the appearance of things changes. Life moves differently, but still goes steadily on. We live our lives; work, enjoy things a little, suffer a little, build what we can, struggle, more often than not, for enough bread and rest to give us strength to struggle with. Then the things we lived for are behind us. All the personal importance of our own lives has been washed down the gulf. Other hands are there to take up the tools we laid down. The machines still drone. The fires still roar. The potatoes still grow, and will be plucked when their time is ripe. Our work is behind us, still being done."
Gerald Kersh

496 - 11/1/11

All Saints Day today, but more interesting to people is the numerical date of 11/1/11. In ten days the day will be even more interesting, being 11/11/11. I am sure there will be oohing and ahhing by people enchanted by numbers. I have to admit the arrival of dates like this is fun to see when one turns the calendar. Now that November is here, the month alone is signaling to us the decline of the year, and there is still a lot of snow on the ground in New England from the big storm of a few days ago. Anyway, nothing out of sorts happened today, for which I am grateful.