November 4th, 2011

Interesting words

"Religion cannot and does not contemplate man as free. She accepts only the homage of the prostrate and scorns the offering of those who stand erect."
Thomas Paine

499 - victory

I just want to say a word about the pleasure of high school football, when an important victory comes along. Tonight the Salt Mine defeated Oak Harbor 50-33 in playoffs at OH. Two weeks ago OH was undefeated. Then they lost to Meadowdale in the conference championship, so this game tonight was supposed to be theirs. I listened on the internet, and enjoyed a superb game. well matched teams. SMHS led by three (22-19) at halftime. Then OH came out and scored two touchdown after the half for a depressing 33-22 lead. From that point on SMHS just destroyed them, three big turnovers, Great runs. Just total dominance. They ran away with it 50-33. Their reward? They play at Bellevue, the number one team in the state next weekend.I can still get excited for a game like tonight's, and there are never enough of them, though the SM has had its share over the years.