November 8th, 2011

503 - War and Peace

I am ten pages into War and Peace, as of today. I bought this book back in 1966 and put it aside, planning to read it after I retired,a day which has come.I am really a well read person, where European classics are concerned, and I devoured Dostoevski when I was young, so I decided that I wanted one undisputed super great book to read at the end of my years. This is the Norton edition, about 1,500 pages long. And it is not big print. This is the Maude translation from early in the twentieth century. MM told me that she read the book in one week, but I am taking the opposite tack. I am going to go very slowly and take maybe several years to read it. It consists of fifteen internal "books," and I am going to count each one as a book read, if I actually work my way through it.Last year I saw the movie The Last Station, and it increased my interest in Tolstoy.

I am also considering rereading Moby Dick in slow and leisure fashion, but I don't know when.