December 7th, 2011

Interesting words

"Is it possible that death should be more terrifying to the believer than to the infidel, who has so many reasons for fearing it more?"
Andre Gide

531 - child smarts

My g'son amazes me. He seems to be gifted in all areas, especially math, reading and music. Yesterday he counted to 300. His mom posted this on her fb page:

--Kaden had to show me he could count to 300 this morning. Me: "Nice job! And you kept on going!!" Kaden: "I'm not gonna give up! Why would I give up? I'm not the 'Give Up Man', I'm the 'NOT Give Up Man!'"--

He has decided that he is the "NOT Give Up Man." Today on the drive home he decided to count to 100,000 by thousands and proceeded to do it aloud. No errors. In the kitchen he told me he couldn't add three digit odd numbers like 133 and 482. So I taught him how to carry the tens over. He caught right on and went at the business, then produced his "chart" for mathematics. You can see it on my facebook page.

He then produced some really beautiful music on the piano. He played the scale from C. I told him to listen to the scale, then see if he could do it from another key. He ended up doing the one with five sharps! I was amazed. When I told him he was talented musically, he said, "But I can't read the notes!"