December 30th, 2011

Interesting words

"Popular success is a palace which is built for a writer by publishers, journalists, admirers, and professional success-builders, and in which a silent army of termites, rats, dry rot and death-watch beetles are tunnelling away, till, at the exact moment at which it is completed, it is ready to fall down. The only hope for a writer is that although his enemies cannot be seen, there is one that can be heard. He must listen for the death-watch, listen for the critic's truth sharpened by envy, the embarrassed praise of the sincere friend, the silence of gifted contemporaries, the visitor in the small hours. He must dismiss the builders and contractors, elude the fans with an assumed name and dark glasses, force his way off the moving staircase, subject every thing he writes to a critical supreme court. Would it amuse Horace or Milton or Swift or Leopardi? Could it be read to Flaubert? Would it be chosen by the Infallible Worm, by the circulating libraries of the dead?"
Cyril Connolly

554 - Movies

Kind of a movie oriented day. This afternoon I went to UVill and bought two dvd's, the Godfather movies, both part I and part II. I have always wanted to have them, and they are both best pictures (1972 and 1974), but for some recent haven't been willing to get them. I got them as a last purchase from my favorite place to buy dvd's. They shut forever tomorrow.

Tonight S and I went up to the Crest for a three dollar movie, in this case Moneyball. This has been on my to-see list since it came out in September, so I am glad to check it off. I liked it a lot and was glad to see Pitt do the role, though the supporting cast probably made the movie. It fed my pleasure in baseball movies, even though I am by no means an Athletics supporter.