January 5th, 2012

Interesting words

"As a child I wanted to play a variety of characters, to live several lives. I had a burning desire to get out of myself, to be someone else, several other persons, every other person, had that been possible, all humanity, the whole natural world; whereof there only remains with me the faculty of entering into other people's points of view, of forming an estimate of the arguments and opinions of my opponents."
Anatole France

560 - forty-four to twelve

What was curious about this birthday was turning on the computer and finding about a hundred birthday wishes waiting to be opened. And they kept on coming in all day, well over two hundred happy birthdays, almost all of them from former students who are grateful enough to send the greeting to me. It made me feel good all day, especially the large number of people who follow my facebook page but don't comment on it. It radically increased my sense of the audience for my postings.

For supper we met our daughter and the g'son down at Zayda Buddy's for pizza, so there was a sort of celebration of recognition of this day. Personally, I would just as soon let it pass by, but apparently the birthday person has little say about such things, at least in my family. We did have a good time, and the pizza was superb.

In the midst of this cold, dark rainy week, this particular day was beautiful. Clear sky, bright sun, etc. All day long. That was for me, folks.