July 10th, 2012

737 - tweets

I sleep with the windows open here at the lake, so I often get awakened early by the sounds of nature waking up to the day. This morning there was an absolute ruckus. A crow was cawing so loud he sounded as though he was in the room. Some other bird was more quietly but just as insistently talking back to him. Their interaction really underscored the independent life of the animals out there, their claims for territory and their right to whatever is their lives
out there. I think a lot about the muskrat family that has its den in the bank right by the dock. They have been there as long as I remember. And they go about their patterns regardless of the comings and goings of us humans in the cabin. They have a completely live and let live attitude to life. This morning I was especially aware of the woodpeckers who seemed to be going from tree to tree, each time giving a test rat-a-tat, apparently knowing by the sound of the wood whether something tasty was inside.