July 18th, 2012

Interesting words - Heinrich Boll

"When I have to cut tapes, in the places where the speaker sometimes pauses for a moment -- or sighs, or takes a breath, or there is absolute silence -- I don't throw that away, I collect it. I splice it together and play back the tape when I'm at home in the evening."
Heinrich Boll

745 - A scream in the dark

I want to expand a bit from facebook on the cries I heard last night. It is new moon time, so the night is very dark, making the woods even darker than usual. I was reading in the rocking chair in front of the cold fireplace. Twice I heard sharp, angry, brutal screams, both lasting about a second but chilling. I think some animal was crying in pain at being attacked by a weasel or marten or some such carnivore. The cry probably was that of a rabbit. In both cases, but especially the second, the cry sent a shot of adrenaline up my spine. The woods became more ominous, the sense of vulnerability greater. Later, when I stepped out of the cabin to "do my business," I took a powerful lantern with me and even then did not feel safe. Just outside the beam of light could have been a predator of larger animals. Those cries remind one that the tame and safe woods are not tame and safe for all animals.