July 27th, 2012

754 - dishwashing philosophy

I am getting closer to a session of dishwashing. I have never thought it through, but I think my basic philosophy of dishes is that the job of washing becomes an issue when there are no more clean dishes in the cupboard. That means a good two or three weeks can go by without worrying about dishes. This is especially true for me, when the process is lengthy. Up here I have to put out two pans, then pump cold water in each pan. Then I have to boil water on the range and pour the hot into the cold, so I have a wash and rinse pan respectively. Then it is hand clean, rinse and put in a dishrack to dry. There is a ritual-like feeling to the process. I am at the point now of having the pans on the table, waiting for me to come home from the library and do the task. I air dry everything.