August 8th, 2012

Interesting words - Donald A. Norman

"The pure in heart will avoid the struggles, detour the tar pits, blind their eyes to the sirens. The problem is that in avoiding the paths that contain the tar, you may never reach any destination; in avoiding temptation, you remain pure, but irrelevant. Life is tar pits and sirens."
Donald A. Norman

766 - company comin'

My daughter and her husband and son are going to show up here tomorrow for a visit. It will be fun to see them, though I don't know exactly what there is here to entertain them. The cabin is not exactly kid-proof, so we will have to watch the curious boy. I guess today I will have to do some cleaning. Sweep the floor, sweep out the outhouse (which I don't use), find some clean linens for the other bedroom, etc. I am hoping that the weather stays good over the next few days, but they might even enjoy a thunderstorm, Wisconsin style.