August 23rd, 2012

Interesting words - Evelyn Waugh

"I remember a small sharp disappointment on the death of a pet rabbit. I developed a growth in the jaw and was sent to the vet to be killed. This was explained to me and I was reconciled to its loss. But the vet on his own initiative decided to operate. He sent the animal back a week later, pronouncing it cured. I greeted it ecstatically and it died that night."
Evelyn Waugh

781 - another one down

Yesterday as I sat at the dining room table, I heard the sound of a tree in distress, a groaning and tearing sound, quite loud. I looked up toward the kitchen window, and just as I did, I saw a tree falling, a birch tree from behind the left side of the shed. It made a huge crash as it hit the ground. It was very similar to the tree that fell in front a few years ago, especially in the silence of the fall and the thump of the crash to the ground. That was in a storm, though, and this was on a clear, sunny day with a light and warm breeze. It was therefore more surprising. This tree was about a foot in diameter. The falling of trees has been more personal to me in recent years, I think.