September 3rd, 2012

792 - noises

There is constant noise at the lake. The people who have cabins/houses seem unable to enjoy their property without loud partying, noise that floats across the water. I get it from over the lake and from behind the cabin. Last night there was a long fireworks event, with voices, young men's voices, whooping and hollering. A nearby house has a basketball net, which validates screaming and hollering well into the night. Holiday weekends are the worst, and this is a holiday weekend. There is absolutely no consideration that others may be trying to sleep. It is a strong cultural trait up here.

On the other hand, nature has its own sounds. This time of year, the night is never silent. The animal sounds are everywhere, especially the constant chirping of the crickets and other grass critters. Now that is a sound that affirms that the woods are here and we are among them.