November 6th, 2012

Interesting words - Irwin Edman

"Perhaps sometime, somewhere I will come across some wise and experienced soul, some exceptionally clear-minded thinker, who could define beyond peradventure what there is to be absorbed by, what there is not to be distracted from. So far all that life has taught me is that one cannot be distracted very long from the search itself, from the philosopher's quest. That, I suspect, is what in their various ways has absorbed the thinkers, whatever their answers. There is no first or last thing, but first and last is the quest itself, to those not content to live in a mere miscellany, however delightful. To those who dream beyond the actual and think beyond their fingertips, there persists the search for order rather than a miscellany; and though the order is not found, the inquiry proves, itself, a goal."
Irwin Edman