November 9th, 2012

Interesting words - William Hazlitt

"It is a cunning artifice, a quaint delusion, by which, in pretending to be what we were at a particular moment of time, we would be all that we have since been, and have our lives to come over again. It is not the little, glimmering, almost annihilated speck in the distance that rivets our attention, but the interval that separates us from it, and of which it is the trembling boundary. So it is that in early youth we strain our eager sight after the pursuits of manhood; and, as we are sliding off the stage, strive to gather up the toys and flowers that pleased our thoughtless childhood."
William Hazlitt

859 - randoms

Once again we got late in paying the Sentra insurance. It was running out on the eleventh. So I called State Farm and found it quite easy to pay over the phone. Put it on Visa, I mean by that. The Republican viciousness is going on full speed over the internet. They really talked themselves into a pure hatred, then talked themselves into thinking that they had to win because they hated the president so much. Thus losing is incomprehensible to them, because they think that they are God's chosen people. I find it all disgusting. Apparently even Romney was simply shocked, his people had so misread the mood and intentions of the electorate. It is cold and sunny, which bodes ill for the oil bills this winter. Rob McKenna conceded today. I think I could have told him the one thing he needed to do to ensure election. He needed to say openly that he was an Evans Republican, and in the process totally distance himself from the arch right-wingers muddying up the ballot, people like Koster. People still have great respect for Dan Evans, and I think they generally like McKenna, but he couldn't do that. So he lost.Inslee, who won, is largely undefined in my mind. McKenna's failure to nail down his image as moderate, perhaps even as a liberal Republican, baffles me. Actually, I would not mind another term of Governor Gregoire. I am thinking of going up to the Metro and taking in Looper. I will let you know what I think of it.