November 10th, 2012

860 - Long Rehearsal and Football Saturday

Long day today. I had over six hours of rehearsal today, and even at that we didn't get through the entire play. It was mostly fun, though, especially the times we were working on the adult scenes. When I eventually got out, exhausted, the temperature had dropped way down. The cold and my tiredness took the resolution out of me to go see the Salt Mine play Kelso in the tournament round of sixteen. So I stayed home and watched the SeaTimes blog roll as their reporter entered the situations. It wasn't a match at all. The Salt Mine got five touchdowns out of their first nine possessions of the game. They absolutely crushed Kelso ultimately, 69-13, but could have any total of points they wanted. Kelso came into the game with a 9-1 record but could have easily been The Little Sisters of the Poor as far as tonight's game went. The Salt Mine now has an 11-0 record, unprecedented in the history of the school.