April 12th, 2013

Interesting words - Linda Ellerbee

"Making fun of what scares you is so much more comfortable. I was good at it, always had been. I can remember being afraid no one would invite me to the homecoming dance my freshman year in high school, ridiculing the idea of the dance, the idea of homecoming and the idea of dating; and finally, being hurt because, of course, nobody asked me to the dance. It's a tough pattern to break. Humor can be used to hide emotions as easily as it can be used to reveal them."
Linda Ellerbee

1013 - Jonathan Winters

Jonathan Winters died today at age 87, and that makes a lot of people sad. He gave us so many laughs, that I think he deserves a few tears on his departure. Of course, he was hors de combat for some time, but not many people from the fifties and sixties were enjoyed at his level of enjoyment. He sort of created modern stand-up comedy, especially improv comedy. I can still remember roaring with laughter at his endless characters, like Maudie Frickett. My dad especially enjoyed Winters, and I can hear his laughter right now. Take a look at him in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World if you want a laugh. If you do so, you will enjoy every great comic from the sixties, all in one madcap movie.