April 26th, 2013

Interesting words - Richard Ford on The Great Gatsby

"Recently I read The Great Gatsby again, for possibly the fourth time. Fitzgerald wrote it before he was thirty, and as I get older it only gets better. I believe it is one of the maturest, more sophisticated and seamless books I have read...
And I have found its style: its elegant economies and proportionings, the sleek trajectory of its complex little story, the strategy of withholding Gatsby until his place is set, Fitzgerald's certain eye for the visual detail and once observed, for that detail's suitability as host for his wonderful, clear judgment about Americans and American life."
Richard Ford

1027 - Accord service

I am sitting in the lounge at the Honda dealer, waiting for the Accord to go through its service appointment. I think I have had all my service done here since I bought it. I noticed when I was signing in that the last service was in September and the car had been driven 4,000 miles in seven months. That seems pretty light to me and is good evidence that the mileage that has built up is largely the highway miles going to Wisconsin in the summer. Even having it serviced now makes me think of the drive back this summer. I can say that to this date the Accord has been the least troublesome car I have ever had. Knock on wood.