May 3rd, 2013

Interesting words - Tess Gallagher

"My father's drinking, and the quarrels he had with my mother because of it, terrorized my childhood. There is no other way to put it. And if coping with terror and anxiety are necessary to the psychic stamina of a poet, I had them in steady doses -- just as inevitably as I had the rain. I learned that the world was not just, that any balance was temporary, that unreasonableness could descend at any minute, thrashing aside everything and everyone in its path."
Tess Gallagher

1034 - money

I spent much of the day spending money. Part of it was at the State Farm office on 45th, where I paid two auto policies and our homeowner's policy. That adds up to over a thousand dollars. Then I was at the bank, putting money aside for tax bills coming up, setting money aside for our two creditlines, getting some cash for the month, etc. It is amazing how the sum total of available money can disappear with very little tangible results. Is there anything less tangible than insurance? Luckily my life insurance policies all pay for themselves now.

Absolutely gorgeous day in Seattle again.