July 2nd, 2013

Interesting words - Jerome K. Jerome

"Bah! I know you, Time, godlike and dread though you seem. What are you but a phantom --a dream--like the rest of us here?... Fear him not, immortal men. Time is but the shadow of the world upon the background of Eternity!" [His clock is speaking.]

1095 - success in the killer manhunt

My vision is much improved since I got my new lenses, especially my deficient right eye, but my writing focus has deteriorated. It is much harder to put out a good blog entry when not feeling spirited. The interesting news today is the police have apparently caught the man who shot the Blanchet sophomore in a drive by up Lake Stevens. It was a marvel of coordinated investigation, most of it based on the retrieval of bullet shells scattered after six drive by random shots that evening, even though they have not found the bullet that killed the girl. The killer is likely to be a 27 year old Everett Boeing worker. The cops matched the gun and the purchases and the car involved in the drive by. Such a terrible waste of life -- and murdered by such a waste of a human being.