July 30th, 2013

1123 - cabin stuff

Last night I stepped out of the cabin, going to read on the dock. It took me about three steps before I heard the heavy beat of wings from up to my right. It was my bald eagle leaving the nest for friendlier confines. That sound can send a chill up your spine. Then at the dock I got a couple of firsts for this trip. I saw my muskrat swim out from under the dock and leisurely move through the lily pads looking for the most tasty pads. She is very and mysteriously picky, but they all look the same to me. As she moved away to my right, I noticed a snout sticking up among the lily pads to my left. It was a turtle, whether a painted turtle or a snapping turtle getting air and surveying the world. It headed my way, trying to be sneaky, but I could see the pads moving as he swam through them. This was a pretty big turtle. I liked the sense of the animals doing their things. I am not a fan of snappers, though. I want all of my fingers.