September 3rd, 2013

Interesting words - Norman Lear

"The finest definition of happiness I have ever come across was that of an anonymous Greek who said, 'Happiness is the exercise of one's vital abilities along lines of excellence in a life that affords them scope.'"
Norman Lear

1156 - New Year again

School starts tomorrow, but that is really saying that it is New Year's Eve. Anyone who has ever been in education (including as a kindergartener) knows that this week begins a new year. January first is just an arbitrary date for football and parties. For a real sense of new beginnings we go to the beginning of September. Even in retirement, the feeling of the obligation for a new start is enormous. Dreams show up, general anticipation is in the air everywhere, fresh starts seem to be waiting for everyone. It is a pretty nice moment in the year, newness for everyone, folks!