September 22nd, 2013

1175 - All fall down

Ashes to Ashes.....Well, I had my first "fall down" of old age today. I was going from third to second floor of the OAC, after my exercise. The steps are two short flights that make a sharp left down after the first flight. At the top step, my body went forward, but my right athletic shoe stuck on the high friction of the rug. I was thrown off-balance. I saw the railing of the second flight heading for me, grabbed for it, couldn't sustain myself and went kaboom down the second flight, making a huge boom, audible from the front dest on the first floor. I landed hard on my left femur and just couldn't get up. People came to help me immediately, pulled me to my feet, etc. Barely hobbling, I went on my way. I have a bloody scrape on the inside of my left knee and a huge, deep bruise on the outside of the left femur. I can hardly walk. As Michael, who works there said, I was lucky my head and kneck were not involved, or my joints. This will just hurt for a while and give me memento mori thoughts. Sitting here with a friendly ice pack. Yup.