March 8th, 2014

Interesting words - William Butler Yeats

"I was of those doomed to imperfect achievement, and under a curse, as it were, like some race of birds compelled to spend the time, needed for making of the nest, in argument as to the convenience of moss and twig and lichen."
William Butler Yeats

1339 - big game

Aside from all the other stuff going on, for the last three days I have been caught up in the Washington State Basketball Championship game going on down in Tacoma. After three days, the Salt Mine is tonight in the State Championship game against Rainier Beach. The whole of it has been exciting and fun to follow. This is the first time ever for SMHS, while RB is going for its third championship in a row. RB is unbeaten this year, but their closest game was against SMHS, a win by three points. They also beat them handily twice. The Salt Mine has defeated a whole list of the top teams in the state, including Bellevue and Wilson, so who knows what team will show up. Anyway, it is an achievement just making it into this game. Beach has beaten almost everybody but SMHS by about thirty points, so I have said that to me they don't even count as one of the State high school teams. For me the Salt Mine has already won the title, and this is just an exhibition game, sort of like playing the Harlem Globtrotters.