December 26th, 2014

1633 - pretty good

Well we made it through the major Christmas Days, which is a relief. Lots of food, all of it good, lots of company, all of it good. Weather was fine, which is unusual. Everyone, as far as I could tell, was in good spirits. We had roast pork at our house for the Eve and turkey at Kate and Tom's for the Day. Today I had a nice lunch with BS, and enjoyed it a lot. I was impressed that the UVillage was absolutely packed today, having thought people would lie back and take a breath. No way. Tomorrow the Salt Mine has both football and basketball game down in Florida. Football is in a Bowl of Champions game in which six state champions play each other, from Florida and Utah and Washington. Nice weekend activity after non-stop holiday activity.

1633 - tsunami tragedy

It has been ten years since the terrible tsunami in the Indian Ocean. It was another of those events that is mind and heart numbing, so horrible that we can't wrap our feeble thoughts around the depth of it. NBC news visited a village that has no children older than ten years old. All the older children but two were killed in the tsunami. It seems we reach a maximum horror, so something that is terrible and involves 5,000 people feels just as awful as another that involves 10,000 people. We are benumbed by it. So sad.