January 5th, 2015

Interesting words - Ruth Rendell

Sometimes I walk past little shops, on the rue de Seine for example: secondhand shops, or little secondhand bookstores or places that sell copper engravings, with their windows filled to the brim: nobody ever goes in there, it seems they don't do any business at all; but when you look inside, you see them sitting and reading, unconcerned (and yet they're not rich; not a thought about tomorrow, no worrying about success, a dog sitting in front of them, good-natured, or a cat that makes the stillness around them even greater by brushing along the rows of books as if to wipe the names off their backs.
Ah, if only this were enough: sometimes I dream of buying a full shop window like that and sitting down behind it with a dog for twenty years. In the evening there would be light in the back room, the front would be dark, and we would be sitting in the back together, the three of us, eating...
Rainer Maria Rilke