January 8th, 2015

Interesting words - Eleanor Roosevelt

There is one consolation to anyone who lives in the public eye, namely, what while it may be most difficult to keep the world from knowing where you dine and what you eat and what you wear, so much interest is focused on these somewhat unimportant things, that you are really left completely free to live your own inner life as you wish.
Eleanor Roosevelt

1647 - Paris

The terrorists did it again, this time in Paris, where they murdered a dozen people in the offices of a satirical newspaper. This was a particularly military oriented attack, and done exactly as they had planned, I am sure.
There is a huge contrast in the images of this event. On the one hand, three men dressed in black, in a black car, with automatic arms. On the other hand, a group of satiric journalists sitting in a staff meeting. The satirists were particularly hated for their lack of respect for religion, Islam especially. So they were killed, executed, as they say.
What goes on in the mind of these warriors? They must feel justified. Their religious world view must sustain and support actions of this type. They are coming from one of the great civilizing religions in the world, but they have removed the basic civilizing principles. The have withdrawn from normal discourse and dialog with the whole world. And they are fine with that withdrawal. I can't imagine how their adversaries can deal with such beliefs, but efforts have to be made, I imagine.