January 17th, 2015

Interesting words - Philip Roth

Q: What do you find pleasurable, besides writing?
A: Living in a place that I find beautiful; living with somebody I love; having close friends; keeping friendships; knowing my parents are all right; listening to music; reading.
Philip Roth

1656 - rivalry

The noise of the big game tomorrow is becoming deafening. NFL championship game. Right here in Seattle. Packers in town. There is just an intensity of rivalry with the Pack that has to be vented in noise. And all of us native Badgers have to balance current and former loyalties, something not easy to do. Packer fans are particularly likely to balance their rooting for their team with insults to their opponents, much more so than Seahawk fans. I wish it were over and done with.
When I think about the game it is hard to see anything but a Hawk win coming up. Even a solid win, but it is impossible to hold that judgment in the face of a lifetime of wanting Green Bay to be victorious, always. This game is more tense and more anticipated for me than the Super Bowl itself. We will see.