January 31st, 2015

Interesting words - Stephen Spender on W. H. Auden

Auden himself had total self-confidence. He just thought that he was cleverer than anyone else, but without arrogance, really, just out of his own judgment. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he was totally indifferent to what anyone said about it. And then being being a "psychoanalyst" helped him a great deal. For instance, when he was so attacked by Randall Jarrell in 1947 or so, he said, "He must be in love with me; I can't think of any other explanation."
Stephen Spender on W. H. Auden

1670 - everybody ready?

Finally. Tomorrow is the Super Bowl game, number 49, Seahawks versus Patriots. We are following the news and excitement and look forward to the game tomorrow. Unfortunately, the news this last week has been all about the cheating Patriots, as they have been caught with deflated balls. Eleven of twelve balls used by them in the Colts game were deflated below the "legal" psi level. It looks as though they might have been cheating all year, and since people already don't trust them because of their cheating history, well, it casts a pall over the whole big experience. I think the Hawks can do all right in this game. If so, we will have another week of re-examination of the event. No need to think of regular life for a while yet.